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Staycation in Singapore

WOW! We’ve a total of 11 gazetted public holidays, which makes up to 6 long weekends! If you plan it right, you’ve even longer weekends! (But shhhh, don’t tell your boss.) Instead of traveling abroad during the long weekends, why not have a staycation in Singapore? With minimal planning and convenient transportation, a staycation in Singapore is the choice for many couples & families to relax during the long weekend.

Not Your Usual Staycation

You don’t have to travel overseas for a romantic long weekend. Escape the daily grind and unwind at any of our 17 uniquely designed suites in klapsons. Imagine open-concept showers, private jacuzzis and only the best in Italian furnishings. Because we don’t subscribe to cookie-cutter room layouts, get ready to enjoy an exclusive and unforgettable experience at klapsons.

Explore klapsons for Your Next Staycation

Use the interactive tour widget above to discover what we have to offer. Explore our 17 unique rooms and find the one that is perfect for you. Expect nothing less than perfection at klapsons. Make us your next staycation destination in Singapore.
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